Mission, Vision, Core Values



BPATC becomes a Centre of Excellence for developing patriotic competent and professional civil servants dedicated to public interest.

Mission How We Achieve Our Dream

BPATC is committed to achieve the shared vision through-

  • developing competent and professional human resources by imparting quality training and development programs;
  • conducting research, publishing books and Journals and extending consultancy services for continuous improvement of public service delivery system;
  •  establishing effective partnership with reputed institutions of home and abroad for developing  organizational capacity; and
  • Promoting a culture of continuous learning to foster a knowledge-based civil service.

What We Do? Training, Research, Consultancy, Publication, Workshop, Seminar and Collaboration.  

Since inception the centre has turned into a trusted home of training for the officials of government, autonomous and non-government organizations. Among the courses conducted by the centre, the Foundation Training Course (FTC) is for the new entrants to the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) while Advance Course on Administrative and Development (ACAD) is for mid-career Deputy Secretaries and their equivalent, Senior Staff Course (SSC) is for the Joint Secretaries and equivalent officials from Defence Services and Police, while Policy Planning and Management Course (PPMC) is for the Additional Secretaries.

The centre also conducts a plethora of short courses to make officers aware of the policies of the government, to familiarize them with the Rules, Regulation etc. and to appraise them of the relevant reforms and changes. The centre on occasions caters bespoke training e.g. Special Foundation Training Course (SFTC) to entertain demands of the valued clients. Indeed, the centre has four arms as Regional Public Administration Training Centre (RPATC), planned to be extended up to all eight Divisions of the country soon, mandated to discharge specialized training courses for support staff and officials at regional level. Understanding rural people and dynamics of field administration through field visit and attachments, is a mandatory part of the training of BPATC. In BPATC, the medium of instruction in class room session is preferably English. The centre encourages participants to develop their oral English skills and as such, they are expected to speak English with colleagues and faculty members during staying at BPATC. The participants have to mandatorily abide by the norms, code-of conducts, dress code, table manners and standards set by the centre.

Main Theme

Building effective, inclusive and accountable public administration system.

Core values

The centre in all spheres of activities, cherishes the spirit of our great liberation war, fundamental principles of the state policy and patriotism; and strives to infuse those among the stakeholders effectively. The operating principles of the centre has built on core values of discipline, integrity, inclusiveness, professionalism, innovation, team-spirit and learning for results. Globalisation, technological  breakthrough and underpinning challenges of the era in the spectrum of governance, have made BPATC as a sin-qua-non for grooming the world class civil servants dedicated to render best services to the citizenry and humanity as well.

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