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Training programmes are broadly classified into two categories: (i) core courses and (ii) short specialised courses. Core courses usually range from 10 to 26 weeks and are linked to career development while short specialised courses usually range from 1 to 4 weeks. Focus of the core courses is development of the conceptual and technical base while short specialised courses focus on the development of skills of specific clientele groups. Following are the major courses organised by the Centre.

The Center prepares a comprehensive annual plan for organising training courses, workshops and seminars which is revised on a year to year basis to include new courses, seminars and workshops on the basis of the needs of the clientele and of the rapidly changing environment.

A short note on Training Activities

Foundation courses of six months duration are organised for the new recruits of the  29 cadre services of the Bangladesh Civil Service to provide the core skills of public administration/management and to foster inter-cadre cohesion and for confirmation of their services.  The Advanced Course on Administration and Development (ACAD) is organised for mid-level administrators of the rank of deputy secretary to the government and their equivalent officers from defense service to enrich knowledge on modern management and infuse new values of democratic institution, market economy and globalisation. The Senior Staff Course (SSC), a policy level course, is designed and organised for the senior officers of the rank of joint secretary to the government and their equivalents drawn from public enterprises, sector corporations and the armed forces. This course provides the senior government officials an opportunity to appreciate the complex and dynamic socio-cultural and politico-economic environment of Bangladesh so that they can contribute more effectively in formulating pragmatic policies of the government. Regional Centres  usually organise skill-based training courses for the support staff of the government. Policy, Planning and Management Course (PPMC) is designed for the Additional Secretaries to the government with the objectives of impart intellectual inputs to widen the vision of the participants, enable them to contribute more to pro-people policy formulation and implementation. The aim of the course is also two improve the efficiency level of the participants to critically look into sectoral policies and other important aspects on pro-poor development issues through leadership role.

Capacity Building of Faculty Members:

To upgrade the professional knowledge and skills, BPATC assigns utmost priority to Human Resource Development activities for the members of its staff, BPATC encourages its faculty members to participate in the in-house training courses such as Foundation Training, TOT, Research Methodology, Financial  Management Course, Communicative English, IT and E-Governance. It also nominates its faculty members to participate in the training courses organised locally by other training institutions or NGOs.

Since its inception, BPATC has been pursuing the policy of deputing the members of the faculty for overseas training for their professional enrichment in specialised areas of Public Administration, Business Administration, Development Economics, Human Resource Management, Environment Management, Project management, Financial Management, Disaster Management, Rural Development, Management Information System,  Geographic Information System, Policy Analysis etc. A good number of faculty members have done degrees and short and long -term training in the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, India and Pakistan.               

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