ACAD (Core Course)

Advanced Course on Administration and Development

Advanced Course on Administration and Development (ACAD) is designed for the Deputy Secretaries to the government and equivalent officers from Defense Services and Public Sector Departments to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge to discharge their duties more effectively. In this regard the course curriculum has been designed for 70 days. Within this course there is a 10 days long foreign study tour. About 25-30 participants can attend at each course. The Course is also fully residential.


After completion of the course, the participants will be able to

  • facilitate apex authority of public organizations in policy making process after analyzing the socio-economic contexts of the national and international arena and implement, monitor and evaluate those public policies in a professional way.
  • formulate strategic plan after analyzing internal and external environments of the organization using different tools and technique and implement thereof effectively and efficiently.
  • assess and review existing public service delivery system and devise simple, innovative, effective and efficient ways of service delivery (using ICT wherever needed) for the clients.
  • identify and analyze the issues of development priorities of government and to design development projects, implement and manage them properly.
  • build intra Vis a Vis inter-institutional networks and deal trans-border trade and aid negotiation effectively for upholding organizational and national interests.


General Guidelines & Curriculum for Advanced Course on Administration and Development (ACAD).


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