FTC (Core Course)

Foundation Training Course

FTC is the basic training course on public service management and development. As per Bangladesh Civil Service Recruitment Rules 1981, Foundation Training Course is compulsory for all new entrants to the Bangladesh Civil Service. The contents and methods of this course are designed in such a manner so that the participants can enhance the basic knowledge of various theories, concepts and issues on administration and development in general and of rules, regulations, process, procedures in public service delivery in particular. The duration of this course is 180 days (six months). About 320 (three hundred and twenty) participants can attend at each course. The course is fully residential.



To create a set of skilled, innovative minded, proactive and well-groomed civil servants committed to the welfare and development of people in an ever-changing national and global context.


Through the course the participants will be able to-

  • develop an insight into the national goals and objectives through analyzing socio-cultural, political and economic development issues, strategies and processes realistically;
  • recognize the role of civil servants in a changing national and global environment;
  • achieve an understanding of SDGS, its linkage, implementation process and challenges for achieving vision 2021 and 2041;
  • translate essential laws, basic service norms, rules, policies and procedures into practice;
  • identify the real problem and needs of the backward sections and internalize their sufferings and subsequently orient to devise way out to solve the problem;
  • internalize the real problems of the backward section of the society and take initiatives for probable solution.
  • utilize information and communication technology in service process simplification and efficient management public services;
  • prepare research papers, reports and other documents professionally;
  • communicate in English with accuracy and fluency;


General Course Curriculum for Foundation Training Course


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