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List of completed research  work in BPATC

SL. No Research Title
1. Performance Appraisal System for Class-I Officers in Bangladesh
2. Training Needs Identification for Effective Upazila Administration
3. Training Needs Identification for Effective Upazila Administration
4. Delay in the Disposal of Cases: A Structural Analysis of the Bangladesh Secretariat
5. The Employment Aspect of the Third Five Year Plan (1985-90): The Case of Handloom and Powerloom Sector
6. Women in Civil Service of Bangladesh
7. A Study of the Career Development Programme in the Bangladesh Civil Service
8. The Problem of Coordination in Upazila Administration: A Case Study of Two Upazilas
9. Targeted Poverty Alleviation Programme in the Third Plan
1o. An Investigation into Inspection and Procedural Systems in Government Departments: A Case Study
11. A Case Study of the Procedure for Adjudication of Grievances of Public Employees
12. Assessment of Training Need of Mid-Level Officers: A Research Study on ACAD
13. Education in Bangladesh: A Study of Policy Planning in Primary Education
14. A Study of Constraints and Potentials in Domestic Resource Mobilization: Resource Mobilization at Upazila Level
15. Assessment of Training Needs of Senior Civil Servants: A Case Study
16. Needs Assessment of Foundation Training Course
17. Disposal of Criminal Case: A Case Study on Upazila Magistrate Court
18. On the Job Training for BCS Officers: A Case Study of BCS (Admn) and BCS (Sectt) Cadres
19. A Study on Delay in Implementation of Development Projects
20. Public Administration Computer Centre: A Case Study
21. Delegation of Authority to Public Enterprises in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Bangladesh Steel and Engineering Corporation
22. Upazila System and Agricultural Development in Bangladesh: A Study of Dhamrai Upazila
23. An Opinion Survey on the Personnel Transfer System in Upazila Administration
24. A Study of Regional Public Administration Training Centre (RPATC) Project
25. Curriculum Development and Training Needs Assessment of Class-II Gazetted Officers
26. Assessment of Training Needs of Class-III employees: A Case Study
27. Curriculum Development and Training Needs Assessment of Class IV Employees
28. Training Needs Assessment and Curriculum Development for the Bench Clerks
29. An evaluation of the Training Programme for the Class-II Government Official
30. Curriculum Development and Training Needs Assessment of Financial Management Course for Class-III Employees
31. On-the-Job Training Needs Assessment for Class-II Level Officers: The Case Study of Administrative Officers of the District Collectorates
32. Training Needs Identification for Training of Trainers
33. Performance Appraisal System for Class-III Employees in Bangladesh: A Case Study
34. Flood and Development: A study of the Socio-economic Impact of 1988 Flood in Rural Bangladesh
35. Poverty Alleviation and Upazila System: A Case Study of Nabinagar Upazila
36. Human Relation in Administration
37. Upazila System and Agricultural Development in Bangladesh: A Case Study of Selected Upazilas
38. Recruitment Policy of the Government of Bangladesh
39. Follow up Study on Special Foundation Training Course
40. A Study of the Use of Computers in Management Decision Making in the Public Sector of Bangladesh
41. Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre Phase-II Project: An Evaluation
42. A Study of Some Disciplinary Cases under MLO-9
43. Implementation of the Agricultural –based Rural Development Program for Women: A Case Study
44. The Social Infrastructure & Planned Development Process of Bangladesh (A Case Study)
45. Review of the Enam Committee Report: Expected Changes in Personnel, Organogram and Other Aspects
46. Evaluation of Rural Maintenance Programme (RMP): A Case Study on Sanora Union
47. Grameen Bank in Employment Creation and Poverty Alleviation
48. Divorce of Poor Women in Rural Bangladesh: Ten Case Studies
49. Food for Works Programme (FFWP) and Women in Development (WID)
50. Assessment of Coordination Needs (ACN) in Administration: A Macro Study
51. File and Records Management in the Secretariat: A Case Study of the Ministry of Commerce, Disaster Management and Relief
52. Misapplication of Public Servant (Discipline and Appeal) Rules: A Case Study
53. Honours and Master Levels Education System in Universities and Colleges: Quality, Problems and Prospects
54. Management of Material and Human Resources: A Study of the Decision-Making Process
55. Industrial Pollution of Bangladesh: A Case Study of Tannery Industries at Hazaribagh, Dhaka
56. A Case Study of the Management Information System of Bangladesh Steel and EngineeringCorporation
57. Role of Local Initiative in Alleviating Rural Poverty: A Case Study of Hilful Fuzul
58. Success Story of Local Level Initiative: A Case Study
59. Institutional Credit Programme for Rural Poor: A Study on Rural Development-12 Project
60. A Case Study of the Management Information System of Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation
61. Mass Interaction of Civil Servants of Dhamrai Thana: A Case Study
62. On-the-Job Training
63. Human Resource Planning at Local Level
64. Case Study on Public Sector Training Institutes [40 Institutes]
65. Efefectiveness of the Use of Audio-visual Aids in Training: BPATC Perspective
66. Improvement of qualities of living standard of Class IV Employees of BPATC
67. Designing Curricula of BPATC Short Courses: A Case Study
68. Increasing Effectiveness of the Senior Staff Course of BPATC: A Study of the Curriculum and Methodology
69. Environment Development by Tree Plantation of the Training Institutes with Special Reference to BPATC
70. Collection, Compilation and Editing of Reading Materials of Foundation Training Course
71. Women in Development: Formulation of National Programme Based on Beijing Declaration
72. Effectiveness of Foundation Training Course
73. The Role of Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation in Poverty Alleviation and Development
74. Management of Foreign Reserves: The Bangladesh Perspective
75. Evaluation of Disaster Management Bureau
76. Human Resource Development: Updating the National Training Policy
77. Possible Approaches to Sustainable Forest Management through Peoples Participation: Madhupur Track
78. Sustainability of BPATC Project
79. Improvement of Teaching of Secondary Schools with Special Reference to BPATC School
80. Cadre Conflict: An Investigation into Conflicts in Bangladesh Civil Service
81. Legal Framework for Environment and Sustainable Agricultural Resource Management in Bangladesh
82. Structural Adjustment Policies in Bangladesh: An Analysis of Trade Regime
83. NGO in Development: A case of ASA
84. Leisure Behaviour of Civil Servants: A Study on Class-I Officers Working at the Bangladesh Secretariat
85. A Study on Career Planning for Trainees of Selected Training Institute
86. Privatization of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs): A Case Study of Bangladesh
87. Limiting the Role of State: Prescription of the World Bank and Bangladesh
88. Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Bangladesh
89. Curriculum Development and Evaluation of ACAD
90. Curriculum Development and Evaluation of Senior Staff Course
91. Poverty Alleviation for the inhabitants of Adarsha Gram: A Case Study
92. Application and Effectiveness of Computerization in Government Offices at District Level: A Study
93. Training of Trainers: A Study on Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for Trainers of BPATC
94. Trade Policy and Export Promotion: An Analysis of Devaluation
95. Reformulating Human Resource Management Policy for Sustainable Motivation
96. The Role of BPATC in Administrative Reforms: A Study
97. Application of principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) in Government Office Administration
98. Role of Union Parishad in Promoting Democratic Culture: A Study
99. Proper Civil Service Recruitment is Prerequisite for Effective Civil Service Training at BPATC: A Study
100. Strategies for Rationalizing Public Sector Human Resources
101. Training Needs Assessment of Officers Working at Selected Universities
102. Post Training Utilization of English Language Programme: A Case Study of 24th and 25th Foundation Training Centre
103. Trade Conflict SAPTA and WTO Rules: The Case of Battery Export from Bangladesh to India
104. Failure of BPATC in Departmental Proceeding Against Some Officials: A Case Study
105. Study on Life Pattern and Economic Activities of Coastal People in Bangladesh
106. Human Development: A Study on Two Selected Villages in Bangladesh
107. Motivational Intervention in Productivity Improvement
108. Role of NGOs in Empowering Community-Based Urban Poor for Environmental Development
109. Challenges of Institutionalising Gender within Public Organisation: A Study on Selected Government Organisations of Bangladesh
110. A Study Report on Public Administration Teaching and Training in Bangladesh
111. Designing Pro-Poor Delivery Strategy at the Gross-root Level through Action Research
112. Empowerment of Women through Participation in Decision Making Process: A Study on Gender Dimensions in Selected Union Parishads
113. Local Level Participation in Planning and Development of the Southwest Coast in Bangladesh: A Study on Shrimp Culture and its Effect on Natural and Environmental Resources