Full Time Faculty


Picture Name & Designation Area of Interest / Specialization Contact(Phone & Email)
Rector (Secretary to the Govt.)
7745010-16 Ext: 4101(o), 7745028(o)
Md. Zaydul Hoque Molla ndc
Member Directing Staff (R&C) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Project Management, Development Economices 7745010-16 Ext: 4301, 7744822(o), 01715616743(m)
Ranjit Kumar Sen ndc
Member Directing Staff (M & D) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Law 7745026(0)-4103, 9634500(R) 01743673009(M)
Member Directing Staff (M&PA) (Additional Secretary to the Govt.)
Disaster Management, Office Management, Leadership and Development, Gender and Development, National Integrity Strategies, Manner-Etiquette-Ethics, Good Governance, Bangladesh Service Rules and Local Government. 7745010-16 01817124188 (M)
Banik Gour Sundar
Member Directing Staff (D & E)
Poverty reduction, Development Economics, International Trade, Public Procurement 7746601 (O), Ext: 4102, 7746609(r) 01756595005(m)
Dr. Muhammad Abu Yusuf
Member Directing Staff (Project) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Result Based Management: Project Mgt., Monitoring & Evaluation, EIA & Feasibility study: Environmental Mgt., Sustainable development 7742086 (O), 01988085881(m), 7745010-16 Ext. 4305
Dr. Rizwan Khair
Member Directing Staff (P&S) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Public Administration, Public Policy 7745010-16, Ext. 4115, 7711611(o), 01552329371(m)
Tahsinur Rahman
Director(Evaluation) & Additional Charge Director (Quantity Method)
Md. Abdul Hakim
Director (Public Administration) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
7745010-16 Ext: 4112(o) 7746604(o), 01719199539
AKM Enamul Haque
Director (BS)
Information Systems, Globalization, Total Quality Management (TQM) 7745019(o), 7745010-16 Ext: 4113(o), 01815409090(m)
Mallick Sayeed Mahbub
Director (ST & TOT)
Public Administration, Management, Poverty & Micro credit, Innovation, Land Law & Minor Acts 7745010-16 Ext: 4107(o), 01712773232(m)
Md. A. Razzaque Sarker
Director (Administration)
7745010-16(o), 7746603 (o), Ext. 4306, 01712803934(m)
Abdul Baki
Director (PPR) & Director (IP) (Additional Charge) (Joint Secretary to the Govt.)
Economics, Government Studies 7745010-16, Ext. 4305 (o), 01715108363(m)
Md. Shohel Imam Khan
Director (Development) & Director (Project) (Additional Charge)
Public Service Mgt, Public Policy, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Techniques 7742078, Ext. 4303, 01713747068
Kazi Hasan Imam
Director (Planning & Development)
Project Mgt., Gender Issues, Environmental Management 7745025(O, 7745010-16 ext 4109(o), 01716401005
Mohammad Moshiour Rahman
Director (Physical Education)
Physical Education & Total Quality Management (TQM) 7745010-16, Ext. 4116, 01552453649(m)
Dr. Md. Shafiqul Haque
Director (Research & Development)
Research, Gender 7711606 (4117) , 01552329028, 01840988173
Dr. SM Zobayer Enamul Karim
Director (Management)
Development Economics, Business Management, Research 7746602(o),7745010-16 Ext: 4110(o)/4472(r)
Md. Golam Mahede
Director (TOT)
Library mgt., Course Mgt., Information Network, Library Automation 7745010-16 ext: 4302(O), 4436(R), 7746603(O), 7747542(R), 01715300908(M)
Md. Zakir Hossain
Director (LTA)
Leadership Management, Information & Communication Technology, Database Management, Library Management, Automations and Networking, Innovation 7746610 (O), 7745010-16 Ext. 4118(o), 01727745044(m)
A H M Anwar Pasha
Director (Deputy Secretary)
-- 01678023007(m), 01712270184(m) pasha6892@gmail.com pasha6892@yahoo.com
Mohammad Ziaul Islam
Assistant System Analyst (Lien, National Consultant_Domain Specialist_e-Learning, a2i Programme, PMO )
ICT and e-Governance; System Analysis, Design & Administration; Networking; e-Learning; Innovation and Total Quality Management (TQM) 7745010-16 ext: 4320(o), 7745017, 01819-448979(m) likhon_26@yahoo.com
A. K. M Shameem Akhter
Deputy Director (DS), RPATC, Dhaka
National Integrity Strategy, Manner, etiquette and ethics for Public servant, Anti corruption and Public servant(anti Corruption Related Laws), Right To Information Act, Different Rules on Office management for public servant. 02-9361150 (o)
Yasmin Parvin Tibriji
Deputy Director, RPATC, Chittagong
Manner, Etiquetteand Ethics, Diff. rules on Office Mgt. For Public Servant, Public Procurement, Procedures of Office Management 031-613691(o), 01712577900(m)
Dr. Mohammed Amjed Hossain
Deputy Director (Project) (Deputy Secretary to the Govt.)
Environmental management, Disaster management, Research Methodology and change management 7745010-16 ext 4122(o), 01712647548
Syed Rabiul Alam
Deputy Director, RPATC, Khulna
Phone: 041-762347(Off), Fax: 041- 762347 01711933160 (M) sohelalam65@gmail.com
Md. Jahidul Islam
Deputy Director (PPR) (Deputy Secretary to the Govt.)
Policy, planning and social security, project management, personnel management, local government 01718768300 (m) 7745010-16, Ext: 4313 (o)
Md. Ziaul Haque
Deputy Director, RPATC, Rajshahi
A.F.M. Amir Hussain, DPMG
Deputy Director (Publication)
ELT, Applied Linguistics, Governance, HRM and Public Policy 7745010-16, Ext. 4135, 01712836525(m), 01917113032(m) amirbirmingham@yahoo.com
Mohammad Saiful Islam
Programming, Database & Network administration, Web Development 7745017, 7745010-16, Ext. 4315 saiful@bpatc.org.bd saifulju@gmail.com
M. Arifur Rahman, PhD
Deputy Director (Management)
-- 7745010-16 Ext: 4312 mar3368@yahoo.com
Dr. Md. Zohurul Islam
Deputy Director (Research)
HRD, HRA, Training Management 7745010-16, Ext. 4134
Md. Atikuzzaman
Deputy Director (RC)
Environment & Development, Disaster Management, HRM 7745010-16, Ext. 4126 01727778316(m) atik_uzzaman@yahoo.com
Dr. B M Benojir Ahmed
Deputy Director (Behivour Science)
HRM, Knowledge Management 7745010-16, Ext: 4125, 01733797252 drbenojir@gmail.com
Rokeya Fahmida, PhD
Deputy Director (Evaluation-1)
Economics, Gender & Development 7745010-16 Ext-4131, 7712936(Res), 01731214213 fahmidapatc@gmail.com
Mohammad Razibul Islam
Deputy Director (Administration)
E-Governance, Disastar agement, Governance Releated Issues 01712222149 7745010-7745016 ext-4120(o)
Md. Sharif Hasan
Deputy Director (Operation)
Public Administration, HRM, Strategic Management, Globalization 7745010-16 Ext-4174(o), 9131649(r), 01911308396(m) sharifhelenn@yahoo.com sharifhelenn@googlemail.com
Md. Abul Basher
Deputy Director(P & D-1)
Human Resource Management(HRM),Training 7745010-16 Ext: 4127, 01711003637 basher_bpatc@yahoo.com
Mehedi Masud, PhD
Deputy Director (Development)
Strategic Management, Leadership, International Political Economy, Foreign Policies, People Resourcing 7745010-16 Ext 4133 mmbp222@yahoo.com
A.T.M. Arif Hossain
Deputy Director (Sports)
Physical Education, Total Quality Management, Disaster Management, HRM 7745010-16, Ext: 4132 01712153317, 01972153317 arifpatc@yahoo.com
Md. Moin Uddin
Deputy Director (Public Administration)
HR, Office management, TQM 041 760734, 01715388116 moinu73@gmail.com
Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman
Deputy Director (Evaluation) (Deputy Secretary to the Govt.)
Climate Change, Environmental Management , Natural Resource Management , Ecosystem Management , Disaster Management, e-Governance 7745010-16, Ext: 4121 01716231197
K. M. Abdul Kader
Deputy Director (ST & TOT)
Public Administration, Public Policies, HR Planning & Development 7745010-16, Ext. 4128, 01718114448 kader_bpatc@yahoo.com
Hasan Murtaza Masum
Deputy Director (Finance)
Local Government System, Development, Administration, Philosophy. 7745010-16, 01686900243 (M)
Mr. Mohammad Tazib Uddin
Librarian (Documentation) & Librarian (AVR) (Additional Charge)
Social Policy 7745010-16, 01552472328
Md. Masudur Rahman Bhuiyan
Deputy Director (Service)
7745010-16 Ext: 4123 01914261962(m)
Mohammad Rezaul Karim PhD
Deputy Director (International Programme)
-- 7745010-16 Ext: 4310, 01554339166 reza@bpatc.org.bd rezapatc@gmail.com
Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman
Medical Officer
HIV, AIDS 7745010-16 Ext: 4143, 01932791761 tomostafizur@gmail.com
Dr. Syed Shamsul Arefin
Medical Officer
HIV, AIDS 7745010-16 Ext: 4144, 01829673034
Dr. Rashed Sarowar Alam
Medical Officer
-- 7745010-16, Ext: 4308
Mostak Ahmed
Deputy Director (Quantity Method)
Public Policy, Policy Analysis,Research Methodology,Quantitative Methods and Statistical Packages,Basics of Economics, Social and Demographic Issues. 7745010-16, Ext. 4313, 01819499421 mostakbd1976@gmail.com
Abdullah Al Mamun
Deputy Director (PM)
Hospitality Management 7745010-16, Ext. 4314, 01719403292 mamun162@yahoo.com
Dr. Moshiur Rahman
Deputy Director (Govt, System)
Environmental Science, Disaster Management, Waste Management, Climate Change 7745010-16 Ext:4124(o),

Dr. Bilkis Laila
Medical Officer
7745010-16 Ext:4142 01711073636(m)
Md. Motaher Hossain
Deputy Director (MIS)
HRM; Management; Public Policy; Organizational Behavior 7745010-16, Ext. 4138, 01818186287 mmanik164@gmail.com
Parimal Kumar Roy
Deputy Director (Economic Theory)
-- Ext. 4140, 01713791448 parimal_anp@yahoo.com.
Kazi Md. Saemuzzaman
PS to Rector (Senior Assistant Secretary)
Public Administration, Innovation, Field Administration, Innovation Project Design, Land Management System, Secretariat Instructions. 7745010-16 Ext: 4141 Mobile: 01911316971
Dr. Md. Arafe Zawad
Assistant Director (Sports-2)
Physical Education, Curriculum Development, Fitness Programme,Exercise Physiology, Sports Training, Mgt. & Rehabilitation of sports injuries, Total Quality Mgt. 7745010-16 Ext:4160(o)/4460(r), 01727605252(m), 01552321081(m), 01823330366 mazawad2006@yahoo.com mazawad2010@gmail.com
Abu Naser Mohammad Sajidul Ahsan
Senior Research Officer
Training, Poverty, Research, Gov. System 7745010-16 Ext: 4176, sajidul@gmail.com
Md. Morshed Alom
Senior Research Officer
International Political Economy, Regional Cooperation Development & Project Management 7745010-16 Ext :4176, 01552602056 mmapatc@hotmail.com
Momtaj Hoq
Publication Officer
Training, Poverty 7745010-16 Ext: 4179, 0171815115281
Tanjur Ahmed Joarder
Assistant Programmer
Network Administration, Hardware, Software Development & Troubleshooting 7745010-16 Ext: 4321, 01712543033 ta.joarder@gmail.com joarder@bpatc.org.bd
Afia Rahman Mukta
Research Officer (Deputation for Higher Education)
Globalization, Env. Impact Assesment, Forest Resource Mgt.,Quality of Life,Env. Quality of Life 7745010-16 ext: 4173(o) mukta_bpatc@yahoo.com
Mohammad Altab Hossain
Assistant Programmer
Networking, Software Development, Hardware & Troubleshooting, Web Administration 7745010-16 Ext:4309 , 01717316623 altafunic@gmail.com
Md. Amir Khasru
Assistant Director (General)
-- 7745010-16 Ext: 4148
Farjana Afrose
Assistant Director (Sports)
Physical Education 7745010-16, Ext. 4157, 01715254143 farjanapatc@gmail.com
Nasrin Akter
Assistant Director (P&D)
-- 7745010-16 Ext: 4167 laboni.geo1807@gmail.com
Jakia Sultana
Evaluation Officer
-- 7745010-16 Ext: 4169 js33ju@gmail.com
Mohammad Mamun
Research Officer
Research, HRD, HRM, Event Management 7745010-16 Ext: 4197, 01912146407 mamun235@gmail.com
Farzana Ferdous Zaman
Assistant Director (Personnel)
Leadership, Global Women Leadership, Gender & Development, Economic Development of Korea, Public Private Partnership, International Negotiation and Development Cooperation, 7745010-16 Ext. 4149 01712873418
Md. Azizul Hoque
Assistant Director (Documentation)
-- 7745010-16, Ext. 4161, 01917739027 azizulhoque1963@gmail.com
Md. Masud Alam
Assistant Director(RPATC, Dhaka)
Public Administration; Public Policy; Management; Training 01716-041011 rony.patua@yahoo.com
Shamim Hosen
Assistant Director (AVR)
Int. Treaty and Agreement; Human Rights; Sustainable Devt; Secularism; Foreign Policy and Bangladesh 7745010-16, Ext. 4162, 01717563992 shamim.du207@gmail.com
Shamim Adnan
Assistant Director (RPATC, Chittagong)
-- 7745010-16, 01843056582 sadnan2000@gmail.com
Md. Masud Ahmad
Assistant Director (Purchase & Store)
-- 7745010-16 , Ext. 4151, 01719159760(m)
Monirul Islam
Assistant Director (Public Administration)
History of Public Administration; Comparative Public Administration; Development Administration; New Public Management, Good Governance 7745010-16, Ext. 4286, 01680259621 monirul_du107@yahoo.com
Tanzina Akhter
Assistant Director (Evaluation)
Public Administration; Performance Management; HRM; Research; Organizational Behavior 7745010-16, Ext. 4156, 01718694516 tanzina.bpatc@gmail.com
Roma Rani Biswas
Assistant Director (Protocol & Public Relation)
-- 7745010-16 Ext:4147, 01722878088 roma.biswas@ymail.com
Mir Md. Taufiqul Islam
Assistant Director (Logistic)
HRM, Organizational Behavior 7745010-16, Ext. 4146, 01911121956 taufiqmgt_159@yahoo.com
Mohammad Sohrab Hoshen
Assistant Director (Dormitory)
Bangladesh Studies; Political Development of Indian Subcontinent. 7745010-16, Ext. 4145, o1710842740 sohrab.hoshen@gmail.com
Rabiul Alam Lokman
Research Officer
Archaeological research; Research Methodology; Integrity; Operations Management; Project Management; TQM; SCM 7745010-16, Ext. 4175, 01913110231 lokman.bpatc@gmail.com
Md. Tanjir Hasib Sarker
Evaluation Officer
ICT 7745010-16, Ext. 4170, 01670468777 hasibsarkerz@gmail.com
Md Nazim Uddin
Assistant Director (ST&TOT)
7745010-16 ext 4154, 01922191613
Mohammad Mozaherul Islam
Assistant Director (TOT)
Md. Yousuf Ali
Assistant Director (IP)
History of Bangladesh, different organization and countries and Social Science Research. 7745010-16 ext 4155, 01723167298
Assistant Director (Development)
Geo-Politics, International Politics, Political Organizations, Political Parties. 7745010-16 ext 4151, 01711154550
Sanjoy Kumar Sarma
Evaluation Officer
Razib Mia
Evaluation Officer
7745010-16 ext 4139, 01674887640
Mohammad Masum Rahman
Assistant Programmer
IT 7745010-16 ext 4199(o) 01717668491
Md. Rustom Rabbani
Assistant Programmer
IT 7745010-16 ext 4199(o) 01718857231
Md. Nurul Islam Biswas
Assistant Director (Budget & Accounts) C.C
7745010-16 ext 4150(o), 01552357065
Nasrin Fatema
Assistant Director (Documentation) (Current Charge)
-- 7745010-16 Ext: 4129, 01711668677
Md. Golam Azam Khan
Assistant Director (RC) Current Charge
-- 7745010-16, Ext. 4153, 01715817450