Regional Public Administration Training Centres (RPATCs), the arms of Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre (BPATC), are mandated to discharge specialised training courses for support staff and officials of government, semi-government, autonomous and non-government organisations at regional level. The levels of clientele groups of these training courses range from junior to mid level officers and support staff of class III and IV. BPATC has four regional centres located at former greater divisional headquarters namely Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna and Rajshahi. Each RPATC, headed by a Deputy Director, is staffed with twenty six employees of different categories.

In order to improve knowledge, skill, efficiency and managerial ability of the officers and staff working at field level, varied training programmes, designed by BPATC, are offered at the RPATCs. Although BPATC as parent organisation prepares the design of these training programmes, RPATCs are mandated to redesign and update course contents and design to cater the changing needs and demands of the clients. However, RPATCs conduct training courses, workshops and seminars to acquaint officers and employees with issues like personnel management, ICT and Computer Application, English Language for official purposes while such current and contemporary issues as Right to Information (RTI), Women and Child Rights, Medium Term budgetary Framework (MTBF), Environmental and disaster Management etc. are also covered . The training programmes organised at RPATCs range from one day to four weeks and some of the programmes are held more than once in a calendar year.

Training courses conducted at RPATCs are mainly residential and there are accommodation facilities for the trainees in all four regional centres. Officers and staff of all levels from government, semigovernment, autonomous bodies and private sector organisations may participate in the training courses of regional centres either on payment or at free of cost as per decision made by the centre.

BPATC has prepared a training calendar for its four RPATCs for the training year 2014-2015. The calendar has accommodated as many as twenty training programmes for each of the RPATCs. Out of these fifteen training programmes, nine has been designed for Class I and Class II officers. On the other hand, four training programmes are designed for Class III employees while two for Class IV employees.

BPATC believes that the training courses conducted by RPATCs are of immense benefit for the officials and employees in enhancing their skills and expertise at a reasonable level required to discharge their duties for the people more efficiently and effectively.