For any technical assistance please contact with Mohammad Saiful Islam, Programmer , Cell:01737991133
Instruction for Registration
  • For Online Registration, Participants of 76th Senior Staff Course to use "76SSC" as reference number.

  • For Name badge, please write a short name (not nick name rather a part of your full name) you would frequently be known by throughout your BPATC training course.

  • Include both your present and permanent address along with your contact number and email address. Additionally, please put the address of a person who can be contacted in case of any emergency. This person may, for instance, be your family member or friend.

  • Please do not leave any section of the registration form unanswered.

  • Once you submit your duly completed registration form, you will get an acknowledgement letter. Please take a print of this letter and come to BPATC along with it as a proof of your registration.